Saturday, June 2, 2012

Barnwood Bookshelf This is a wonderful example of how old wood, that often times goes ignored, or thrown out, can be reclaimed and given a new purpose! Warped, bowed, knotted, and cracked, these weathered boards, with just a little creative planning, became a center piece. The boards can be laid out to begin the planning process. First, lay down the vertical pieces. Hold your horizontal pieces where you will want them located, making certain they are level. Mark your vertical pieces where they will be cut. Make your cuts. Each vertical piece can be nailed or screwed to the horizontal shelf and add a bit of wood glue to help strengthen the joint. Only the topmost nails are going to show in the finished product. Idea: Use a couple of rusty nails for this portion. As you work, be sure to check that your shelves will be level. If not, simply cut your vertical pieces accordingly. Once all the pieces are together, finish with a nice matte clear coat or some spray on Minwax stain. The possibilities are virtually endless for a project like this. Each will be as unique as the wood that you have collected for the project. Good luck and let me know how this one works for you! I'll be in my shop making more shelves.... Hey Gang! The new website is coming along nicely. I still have a lot of work to do, but stop by and check it out!

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