Monday, July 16, 2012

How To Bend Wood With a Jig

Learn how to bend wood with a jig with these instructions.  In this example, we learn techniques necessary to make an awesome coat/hat rack.
Find the full instructions for this project at lowescreativeideas .com
To make your wood bending jig, you will need a melamine shelf board, a backer, angle blocks, a clamping block and clamps.
Attache the backer along the back of the melamine shelf. Attache the two bending blocks to the face of the shelf. If you're bending multiple pieces of wood, mark reference lines.
Use thin flexible wood. Laminate the wood together. Lay the laminated wood on the jig with the two ends touching the angle blocks. Pull the wood back toward the backer, and put a clamping block in place and tighten slowly with a clamp. Add clamps to each end of the clamping block. Add clamps at the angle blocks. Let dry.

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