Thursday, August 2, 2012

Patio Planter for Pre-Potted Plants

Patio Planter

This planter is designed to make patio or deck gardening much easier. Instead of just filling the well with dirt and putting in individual flowers or plants, you can simply use pre-potted plants. That makes it easy to change plants as the seasons turn or unload the planter and move it to a new location.
• We designed this piece to hold pots up to 11" dia. and 10-1/2" high. To create the illusion of a dirt-filled planter, you can fill in around the pots
with wood chips, bark or other mulch. The base or bottom of the planter has 7/8" holes drilled every 6" to drain away water. The sideboards
have a 1/4" space between them to ventilate the mulch and keep it from getting soggy.
• The planters can be built in two different lengths, but you can also adapt them to meet any size requirement. You can even change the width
by nailing a pressure-treated 2 x2 to the side of the 2 x12 base to accommodate a slightly wider pot.
This project gives intermediate woodworking students the opportunity to complete a sizeable project while employing such skills as measuring, templating,
crosscutting and assembly with screws. Since these planters can be made to fit a particular space, this project is also a good exercise in custom-sizing.

Get complete, FREE, plans for building this project here:


Hand Tools
– 12" Speed Square (as cutting
guide with circular saw)
– Block plane
– Bar clamps
– Hammer
– Tape measure
Power Tools
– Jigsaw
– Circular saw or table saw
– Electric drill with pilot /
countersink bit and 7/8"
wood boring bit
– Power screwdriver
– Pencil
– Safety glasses
– Exterior wood glue
– Gloves for finishing
– Sandpaper
– Masking tape
– Clean, lint-free cloths
– Mineral spirits (for oilbased
– Water-filled metal container
with tight-fitting lid
– Exterior paint pad, brush
or roller

Recommended Finish
Thompson’s® Water Seal™ Deck & House Latex or
Oil Stain. Available in 117 solid and semi-transparent
colors in both latex and oil formulas for the legs and
apron and Thompson’s® Water Seal® Clear Wood
Protector for the body.
Alternate Finish
Thompson’s® Water Seal® Tinted Wood Protector.
Available in five colors: Honey Gold, Natural Cedar,
Rustic Red, Nutmeg Brown and Coastal Gray.

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